Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pietersite Bangle Bracelet

Still playing with cubular right angle weave here, and I'm still using two needles to do it! This "almost chunky" bracelet was woven with size 3/o toho seed beads, and finished off with small pietersite nuggets. Pietersite is such a pretty stone - one of my favorites. It's almost like tiger eye but with tons more color.
I'm not a bangle bracelet wearing gal, but if this one were a bit smaller I'd probably keep it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beaded Rings

I've been experimenting with RAW (right angle weave) a lot lately. The possibilities are just endless - and it's good beading fun. In addition to that, I've been doing all my beading with two needles now, using cross needle weaving techniques. I find it to be more effiecient time-wise than using just one needle - PLUS the strings can be twice as long as your comfortable working with, which means not having to weave in thread as often. Yay!

These rings were super fun to make. After they were done my head was spinning with all sorts of ideas - colors/shapes. But these babies are my prototypes.

This next ring was woven in size 15 toho's - the smallest size toho seed beads come in! In retrospect, I suppose I should have taken a photo with a penny or something for a size reference. I'll have to do that before I list it for sale, but, alas, here it is. Woven in cubular raw with some beads added on the inner circle for stiffness. It's light and extremely comfortable.