Monday, August 8, 2011

Army Men Bracelet

Remember when you were young, and the long summer day seemed to last an eternity? Ya know, when kids used to bring their toys outside to play instead of sitting in front of the tv for hours? I've brought the nostalgia to your wrist with wearable art that will bring you back to the simper days!

I wove this bracelet bead by tiny bead using peyote stitch and the incredibly uniform Delica beads. A sterling silver slide clasp adds value and a touch of class to the piece. Woven on a 6lb test quality beading thread, this bracelet should outlive you when treated properly!

The bracelet is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

For the crafty folks out there who prefer to bead up their own bracelets, I also have a pattern available for purchase HERE. Purchase of my original patterns entitles you to make AND sell your wares. Please give credit to the designer though! Happy beading!