Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Ornaments and Snowflake Earrings

I can't tell you how excited I was to find a variety of shatterproof ornaments at k-mart this year. When I saw so many colors I went a little crazy and bought lots of them. Shatterproof is the way to go IMO, why bother with glass ornaments if you'll be worried about your child or pet hurting themselves with glass.
I'm not sure how many more ornaments I'll be doing, as it's time to be working on holiday gifts!
Here are the ornaments I have so far, all listed in my etsy and artfire shops.

The snowflakes I used for the last 2 ornaments, and for the snowflake earrings below are an original pattern from Sandra D. Halpenny, and is used with her permission. Thanks Sandra!
The snowflake earrings would be great for holiday parties or even everyday wear. They're cute and they weigh next to nothing.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holy beading Batman!

For a good portion of the summer I didn't do ANY beading - I was too busy being outside and working on my hoopdancing to be stuck inside.

Now that the leaves are all on the ground and a little bit of snow has fallen, I'm back to hibernating and beading like a madman. Recently I finished this Batman cuff bracelet. It's woven with delica beads in matte black, yellow, and steel. The steel makes it super shimmery when it moves, yet it's not exactly feminine either. It measures 7-1/2" long, and 2" wide at the widest part of the cuff and is finished with a sterling silver slide clasp. Elegant indeed!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello again!

Hi there readers, fellow bloggers, fellow jewelry designers, and everyone who stumbles onto my humble blog. It seems that I've taken a bit of a hiatus. See, I spent so much time taking pictures and blogging and doing the social networking thing - and I just got a little burnt out. I'd much rather be beading but I suppose it comes along with the territory. SO, I'll be back here every so often with some beady goodness. I can't promise it will be every day or even every other day, but it will happen. Once a week sounds like a reasonable goal right?!
I just got started on some Christmas presents, so I'll have those for you to oogle shortly.

Hope everyone had a happy halloween last night! My husband and I had a good number of little ghouls and goblins come to the door, but not quite enough...we still have way to much candy left over!