Thursday, May 1, 2008

Manic May

I am going to be married in 24 days. It seems like just yesterday my cosmic lover was down on one knee, an engagement ring hid cleverly inside a dvd case of my favorite move, The Princess Bride.
The very next day we were on a boat, dancing the night away to the tunes of the Ryan Montbleau Band. And in 24 days we'll be dancing the night away to their tunes again, only not on a boat, in our backyard. It's appropriate, see, because I met my future husband at one of the bands performances. In a way they brought us together. Our love for great music did anyways. We also share a love for art & creativity. We thrive off each other. We inspire each other. We push each other. And not too often, but sometimes, yes, we even critisize each other. Constructively, of course.
So, this month don't expect too much activity here, or in my etsy shop for that matter (however I'll be glad to show off my pretty wedding jewelry after it's finished). Before the big day gets here I have lots to do. I can't even imagine planning a big elaborate, wedding because planning a small, casual one is stressful enough!

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