Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Art Zoo

I was perusing through blogs, sipping coffee and dropping entrecards when I came across The Art Zoo. Noticing they have some fabulous handmade items...I started going through the archives and found they featured my white gold flapper earrings on Sep. 10th.

So a late, but heart felt THANK YOU to The Art Zoo.
If you haven't checked out this site yet, you should! They feature a unique, handmade item each day...from jewelry to journals to sclupture and paintings. Candy for the eyes indeed!


ClinkscalesArts said...

Congrats on the featured, those earrings are great!

If you set up a Google Alert for your shop name, you'll get an email when the name appears on the web. That's how I knew I was on The Art Zoo. Gotta love technology! :)

Three Fates said...

Congrats!!! I love those earrings!

HammelmanArt said...

Same here. I click to drop my EC one day and there was my painting. It was really fun to see. I love the very clean look of their blog!

Marlaine said...

Congratulations. No surprise they were featured! They are gorgeous. I love danglies!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Congratulations on the earrings making it to the art zoo.