Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beading against breast cancer

Fellow bead weaver Kerrie Slade is using her superpowers for good! Kerrie designed this pretty ribbon in collaboration with Beading Daily for the Power of Beading Contest & Charity Fundraiser.

You may purchase the pattern HERE. All funds raised from the sale of the instructions until the end of September 2008 will be donated to The Wellness Community and the American Institute for Cancer Research.
And if you have a "power of beading" story of how beading has helped you through a hard time, be sure to visit the Beading Daily website and enter to win a ribbon beaded by Kerrie herself.

In more beading for breast cancer news, so far, 25 members of the the Etsy Bead Weavers have agreed to get an early start on Jeanette Shanigan's Bead-it-Forward Quilt. Since 2007, beaders have been invited to bead squares to donate to the quilt. Jeanette then stitches the squares together, and the finished quilt is then auctioned off at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, WI. Proceeds are donated to the Medical College of Wisconsin Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Jeanette, together with other beaders, has raised $10,000 total in the past 2 years. Check out the beautiful finished 2007 Butterfly and 2008 Beaded Rose quilts. This years theme is "Hearts".

The Etsy Bead Weavers have set an October deadline for themselves, but Jeanette is accepting donations up until March 15, 2009. If you are a beader interested in being a part of this wonderful project, please see the official rules/form HERE.

1 comment:

Kerrie Slade said...

Thanks so much for posting about the fundraiser and contest in your blog Jo!

It really helps us to spread the word and hopefully raise as much as possible for these charities.

Kerrie :0)