Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Delights

I wove these little lovelies over the weekend, realizing that December is here already!

This bracelet is a simple weave, finished off with a gold wire guardian and a gold-plated swivel clasp. I LOVE the swivel clasps, because your bracelet never gets twisted.

This little "Christmas Bell" was woven around a wooden bell shape with toho seed beads, sizes 11 and 15. I included a woven loop bail, and for the "bell" I used a swarovski glass pearl.

I entered this pendant in the Christmas competition on Vote for me HERE.

Doesn't red, green, and gold simply look great together?


TNT2008 said...

What a great take on a holiday bracelet. I love how you wove the colors together so that it did not look like something an elementary teacher would wear for class (I was a teacher).

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Jen said...

Those are beautiful.

BeadedTail said...

Both pieces are beautiful!

irel said...

it's a great combination. looks perfect during the holiday:)

Beadwright said...

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