Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Off the beadin' path - Ghost Hunters, TAPS

I've always been curious about the paranormal, but up until Ghost Hunters premiered on the Sci Fi channel, there were only books and haunted house stories to peak my interest.
At first, Jason and Grant, the main investigators on Ghost Hunters, worked out of a small trailer and still worked their day jobs at Rotor Rooter, a plumbing contractor. It was admitting easy to trust these 2 family men, to take their word at face value. After all, when they investigate a so-called "haunted house" they try to de-bunk, or disprove, the haunting. They try and find all the reasons why people could be hearing sounds or seeing things, other than "oh its a ghost". At least this is what I believed for a while.
I really thought they caught some unbelievable stuff on video, on the thermal camera, EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon), and as it turns out, there's a reason it's unbelievable.
My husband and I have been fans of the show for years. While my husband took the show with a bigger grain of salt than I did, I really trusted that the evidence Jason, Grant, and the team presented to the general public was what they caught, not what they made up. The more digging I do into things though, make me think that Ghost Hunters is the biggest fraud since Madame Cleo.
While looking around for random ghostly videos on youtube, I came across a video "de-bunking the de-bunkers" as it were. As you may or not know, Ghost Hunters performed a live investigation on Halloween, at Fort Delaware. During the live show, Grant really wants us to believe that his hood was tugged several times by a ghost. It is made clear as crystal in the youtube video that he has something in his sleeve connected to his hood. It's insulting that he would even try to pass off a simple parlor trick as paranormal, but perhaps the pressure of performing live makes you do things you normally wouldn't do. Even if this was a one time deal, for me Ghost Hunters has lost all credibility. I can't believe any of their past findings anymore, and certainly not their future findings. Jason, Grant...you lost 2 fans this week.

If you are a Ghost hunters fan and want to continue to be a fan of the show, I suggest you do NOT watch this video clip. It will more likely than not change your perspective and enjoyment of it. Ignorance is bliss they say.
5 minutes 8 seconds into it is what really gets my goat...if you watch nothing else, start at 5:08.

See for yourself

After watching this video I headed on over to the Taps18+ boards, where I proceed to introduce myself and ask if anyone knew anything about Grant tugging his own coat. Big mistake. These people were on me like white on rice. They got really upset that I even *suggested* the wool might be getting pulled over their eyes. They backed the Ghost Hunters to no end. I told them to go ahead and drink some more of the cult kool aid.
First time I've ever gotten banned from a forum, ever! They deleted my whole thread too. The less evidence, the better it is for them, I guess.
As for me, I feel the need to spread it around. And what better place for me to do that than my blog. Knowledge is power!
Kudos to anyone who actually read my post this far, and apologies to anyone who came looking for beady content. I assure you we will continue with our regularly scheduled programming shortly. =)


Annie said...

I Love this show, and believe they do present a lot of great evidence, but that Halloween special was just fishy. The "You don't belong here" voice at the beginning was such an obvious recording! I did not buy it all, nor did I buy Grant's reaction. I thought the coat seemed rigged too.. I think they just wanted to make sure it was exciting for Halloween since it was live.
I was disappointed, but I still love the show and think Grant and Steve are cutie-pies. lol..

Beaderjojo said...

Yeah the voice definately seemed fishy.
I will agree with you Grant and Steve are definately cutie pies!

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