Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bracelet Giveaway

I wove this fun little blue lace bracelet following Sandra D. Halpenny's free pattern, available from her website HERE. Thank you Sandra for sharing it with us! If you are a bead weaver or aspire to be, have a look at her homepage for some fresh patterns. Using size 8 beads instead of size 11 will make the bracelet a little chunkier, but it will work up faster - I would actually recomend it for beginners.

In the spirit of giving, I'd like to offer this bracelet as a giveaway!
It's a smaller size, measuring in at 7". If this bracelet is too small for you, feel free to enter the giveaway anyways. The bracelet will be shipped in a box suitable for gifting, so you can pass this on to a family member or a friend - they don't have to know you didn't spend a dime on it!

The rules of the giveaway are simple:

1. Go to my etsy shop HERE. Shuffle through my shop and find your favorite item - there's only three pages so please have a look at every page!

2. Come back to this post and comment with your selected favorite. If you do not have a blogger account, please leave a way I can get in touch with you if you win - email address, website, twitter, whatever! This giveaway IS open to international contestants, however anyone winning that resides outside of the USA or Canada must assume shipping charges. Package will be marked gift, so you do not have to worry about customs charges.

3. Sit back and wait! The winner will be selected 2 weeks from today at just about noon-ish using a random number generator based on the number of comments. I'll post the screenshot of the number picked with an appropriate time stamp and whatnot.

If the response to this giveaway is good, look forward to other sizes being offered!


Anonymous said...

Hi JoJo :)

All your work is beautiful, so picking a favorite wasn't easy. I finally narrowed it down to two, and actually I am going to mention the runner-up first :) (always breaking the rules, I am)
~The Peaches and Cream Pendant. The reason I wanted to mention something is because, generally, I do not like the color peach. It is my least favorite color and I would never choose to wear it.....or so I thought. This pendant is stunning! I could TOTALLY see myself wearing it. The way the beading hugs that gorgeous crystal, again the words is stunning!~

Now onto the winner IMHO.....

Dragon Scales Wavy Beaded Bracelet - Brass Button Clasp
I love this piece for so many reasons. First off the brass button clasp is just so cool looking and unique. It gives the piece a real vintage feel to it. And the beading itself is fantastic. It's got all this texture and character! Also, blue and green together and I'm sold. I think those colors compliment each other perfectly.
Kudos, JoJo!!

Jen St.Germain
kashmir331@(nospam)yahoo DOT com

Shauni said...

I think every piece you do is a visual delight an actual piece of art but when browsing through your shop with the sole purpose of picking my favorite I had to go with the Dragon Scales Wavy Beaded Bracelet. It is an eye catching delight it immediately draws you in and well made me practically drool.

Carmen Rose said...

Oh, my fav is "The Circle gets the Square" hands down favorite! Do you do tutorials on this kind of bead weaving in a cirle? That's amazing! I love big bold artisan made things that draw you in close and make you see all kinds of lovely detail when you get up close. After all, isn't that exactly what great jewelry should do for a woman? Draw someone in closer to start a convo? Or if I saw it on a perfect stranger I'd go up to her and talk with her about what she was wearing in a heartbeat! (I do that whenever I see something especially pretty on someone!!) Heck yeah! Lovely!

storybeader said...

I think my fav is the Argyle Spring cuff bracelet. Love the pattern and color. And that's for the link to free patterns. I'll definitely look into that. Though I need to continue with my rope necklaces! My promise to myself.

My email, if you needed that, is

CraftyDragon said...

That is a lovely bracelet! And just my size! :)

I looked through your shop and it was a hard decision but I think this one is my fave.

Great giveaway!
You can contact me through my shop at

sp@cey said...

i liked the bumpy spring bracelet the best : ]

Lucky Girl said...

I love your Circle Gets the Square Necklace. And your Beadwoven Bone Pendant. Your pieces always make me wish I had beading skills!

The Fitness Diva said...

That bracelet right there is absolutely beautiful, and I would love to have it! Blue is my favorite color, and that's a particularly gorgeous shade of it, and the design..... flawless! ;)

My favorite in your Etsy shop is the Peach Crystal Fantasy Beaded Ring. It's so pretty, I could see myself wearing it and just staring at it all day!
You do nice work! I'm wishing me some luck! ;) said...

I think it's getting borring, but I too like the "Circle Gets the Square Necklace"the best.

Love your give away bracelet too.

You can contact me at:

Dogmaw said...

I must say it was tough to choose! But finally I picked out the Kokopelli Dreadlock Bead. I just adore your dread beads. What a cool idea!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Beautiful work Jojo!
It was a toss up between these 2:
the fantasy beaded ring on the last page and the kokopelli dread lock bead
but what can I say? I'm a hippy hippie and Kokopelli won! :0)

Joy said...

I like the biohazard bead here:
Creative :)

GrandmaMarilyns said...

My favorite was your Bumpy Spring Bracelet but second was Peaches and Cream Pendant.

Love the color that you did the Lace Bracelet you are giving away.

Anonymous said...

Hi there cutie pie!! :)

It is so hard to pick a favorite, since everything you make is so gorgeous and unique! I really love all of them. That being said, I really adore the autumn orange colors ring. Yours were the first beaded rings I have ever seen! And this one is just gorgeous! Those are my favorite colors! You can reach me at!!
much love -
Elise :)

Anonymous said...

It was hard to choose. I love everything. You are very talented. After looking at everything, I would have to say my fav. is the Freeform Bead Woven Bracelet. Unique, and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dragon Scale

All of your work is so beautiful and well detailed but the dragon scale bracelet was my favorite. The colors were fantastic and the wavy pattern made it very interesting.


Eileen said...

I love love love your work Jojo!
Although I abolutely love the Kokopelli dread bead and also the Freeform bracelet, I pick the Dragon Scales Bracelet as my fave. Such a unique piece of art.

anna M. Convertino said...

hiya jojo! i don't need to be in the drawing but my favorite is still your midnight in summer bracelet, i voted for it in that contest you entered it in before and i still think it's gorgeous now!

Motti said...

Hey JoJo,
I really like the peice you made for ck last year but on your pagethe one i like the most is: Hearts a Plenty Beadwoven Choker

Carmen Rose said...

The bracelet came and I LOVE it! Thank you soooo much!

Carmen Rose said...

See it on me here:
Thanks again!!