Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Purple Argyle Bracelet

Ah, peyote stitch, my first love. I can't say that it was love at first sight though, as my first few attempts at the seemingly easy stitch resulted in me throwing my beadwork across the room. A lot has changed in seven years though, and peyote stitch for me is a constant, a standard - a feeling of "home", if you will. It will always be a favorite stitch of mine. Granted, it takes a while to work up anything substantial, but the feeling of accomplishment when you are finished is priceless.
I did a spring colored argyle cuff bracelet not too long ago, and immediately started on another one. They are just so fun looking! I am FAR from "preppy", but I think this bracelet could accomidate a variety of personal tastes - from punk to hippie.
I can definately see doing this up in some other colors sometime in the future!


tstreasures said...

Love the design and colors! I'm like you, I love peyote though I took a class before I bothered to try it myself. Much easier that way. So many possibilities with it.

storybeader said...

sounds familiar, a love and hate situation. Hopefully, I will outgrow it too! Beautiful design and craftsmanship!