Saturday, September 29, 2007

OK I've been slacking...

I have been working on projects, just been super busy outside of that and haven't had any real time to take pictures and post. Also, got into a car accident on Wednesday which really put a DENT on things. Ha!
Right now I'm working on a Frankenstien amulet bag (which I think I'm going to turn into a change purse w/ a zipper). It is a pattern created by JacquƩ Owens, and appears in the November, 2001 issue of bead and button. I also am working on a necklace that I was commissioned to create for someone. It's beautiful so far though I haven't strung it yet, it's on the bead-board.
I'll have pictures of the progress of both up soon. Today though, I am attenting a hooping (hula that is) teaching certification class, and coming home to a party at my house.
MAYBE tomorrow I'll get those pics up.

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