Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hearts A Plenty

I'll admit, I'm usually behind the power curve when it comes to "seasonal" jewelry. Actually finishing two heart themed necklaces 8 days before Valentine's Day is pretty good for me.
I think the key may be thinking two holidays ahead. If I could forget about St. Patricks Day and concentrate on Easter, then I might get something accomplished. But I'm Irish, how can I forget about St. Patty's!? I guess we'll see what happens...a lot of times I don't choose the project, they choose me.
In any event, here are my two latest creations, Hearts-a-Plenty. Both were beaded with sz. 11 Toho seed beads in a netted weave. They are very light, and have an incredible drape to them. Holding one in your hand, it almost feels like sand wanting to sift through your fingers. The texture just makes you want to touch it!
The first is a very subtle blue-on-blue. I used a transparent blue for the background, and an opaque light blue for the hearts.

For the second, I used the same transparent blue background, but used a lilac-lined blue for the hearts to give the necklace more contrast. Both necklaces were finished with a silver-plated swivel lobster clasp. I love the swivel clasps, because you don't have to worry about your clasp twisting on you.

Look for these choker style necklaces in my Artfire shop, they'll be available later this evening.
All of my items come shipped in a box suitable for gift giving (with your reciept outside the box of course) so you don't have to worry about buying wrapping paper, or a special's all taken care of for you. Order by Feb. 10th for guaranteed delivery by Feb. 14th. I will ship overnight at the cost of the buyer if last minute shopping is your thing.
Valentine's Day is only a week away fellas!


Three Fates said...

Ooo, those are pretty.

Anonymous said...

that is so darling! I have that same problem of holidays creeping up on me and having no themed jewelry in my store until a week or two before the holiday!