Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rings n things

Lately I've been all over the place - beadily speaking. I have a plethora of almost finished pieces. Some are waiting for that special component or clasp to come in, and others I have no excuse for, except that I have a severe case of B.A.D.D. - beaders attention deficit disorder. If I am working on a labor intensive piece, I feel the need to take time off from it to do smaller "tweener" projects.

I wanted to do something similar to the Blue Crystal Fantasy ring I did awhile back, but in different colors, and with a slightly smaller band. It came out just as I was hoping, and is extremely comfortable for what could be considered a "chunky" ring. It's definitely bold, and the silver lined purple beads are eye-catching.
This one is a bit simpler than the rings I usually make. The band is a single string of beads, as opposed to a woven band, like the ring above. Have no fear, however...this ring was woven with PowerPro, a super strong braided cord. I wove the thread through the band several times before weaving it back into the ring for knotting. After it was finished I gave it a real good tug, too, just to be certain. Solid as a rock.
This dainty ring includes swarovski pearls, galvanized toho seed beads, transparent opal toho beads, and opal pink swarovski crystals.

Both rings will be available for purchase through my Artfire shop, with a full description and sizing information shortly.


Ayie said...

The second ring is Cute (white). Simple and elegant.

Dave Robertson said...

The second ring grabbed me right away too. Love how you displayed and photographed it at an intriguing angle. And it's a good-looking ring too!

at Rings n Things

Jo Hoffacker said...

Great ring! How does PowerPro compare to SoNo? I've never heard of PowerPro.

Hot Rocks said...

So very pretty!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

LOL - I have BADD too! it's bad sometimes :P Love your rings!

Swapna said...

Lovely rings..