Sunday, August 17, 2008

All We are Saying, is Give Peace a Chance

Peace signs aren't just for hippies anymore!

In case you were wondering, the peace sign originates from the Semaphore flag positions, "N" & "D", standing for nuclear dissarmorment.

I actually started this bracelet last weekend and ran out of the gray beads. Not making sure you have enough beads to finish your project before you begin, I should add that to the "B.A.D.D." symptoms. The delica gray beads are actually metallic matte, rhodium plated. Having started the project just going into my beads and saying "oh this is a nice color" and grabbing my precious vial, I didn't realize that they were so expensive. I almost crapped a brick when I saw had them priced at $15 something for 8g. But alas, they have cheap priority shipping (and free shipping too, which usually takes 5-7 days for me)

If this bracelet was not too big for me, I'm damn sure I'd be keeping it. It's 7-1/2", a pretty standard size. I've got tiny wrists...which may sound nice to some people but it's not so nice when bracelets and watches fall off your hand!

It measures almost 1-1/2" across, and is woven in 2-drop peyote stitch. In addition to the metallic matte rhodium plated beads, I used a combination of silver lined, and ceylon finish delicas. They really stand out in the gray background. The clasp is a sterling silver slide clasp, with a nice "click" to it, locks in nice. It's surprisingly light, and extremely comfortble. I'm pretty sure whoever end up with this one is going to be a happy camper!


Marlaine said...

Love the design! Brilliant! I'm with you..let's Give Peace A Chance!

Julia said...

Wow, that one is gorgeous. I'm not so much into jewelery, I don't even wear a watch or earrings, but I like the colorful design :)

Thanks for commenting on my side!
Greets Julia