Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back from exchanges anyone?

I have just returned from my vacation and am back at my dayjob. How can a 6 day weekend go by faster than a 3 day work week? As refreshing as my time off was, it is always hard when reality slaps you back into the daily grind.

Anyone out there interested in doing a link exchange? My only request is that your site/blog be related to something crafty or artsy...beading, jewelry making, crafting, sewing, painting...anything like that. I'll post yours if you post mine. =)

Just leave a comment letting me know you've added my link to your site and I will return the favor. If you would like me to use a picture banner for your link please include in your comment where I can find the pic you would like to use, and please use my entrecard banner to link to my site. You can find the code to link to my blog on the left hand side of this screen underneath the words "Grab my badge".
Here's to more blog traffic!!

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