Thursday, October 9, 2008

Etsy Bead Weavers Street Team Monthly Challenge

The 9th of every month, voting is opened for the EBW's montly themed challenge. The only "real" challenge is to challenge yourself, as we don't have a big cash n' prizes pot or anything. Behind the friendly competition is inspiration, and an incentive to keep our hands and minds sharp.

This months theme is "Animal Instinct". I did not have time to do something up for this challenge...with the holidays coming up soon I need to think gifts, both what to make for family/friends, and what people want to buy as gifts.

There is plenty of eye candy, so take a moment please and vote for your favorite!


Marlaine said...

This is an exciting time for us! Thanks for blogging the Challenge!

storybeader said...

great looking beadweavings!