Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sparkly and Spiky

Lately I haven't been interested in delving into any time consuming projects (aside from the ones I already have going, of course). I do love the accomplishment I feel from finishing a complicated piece, but sometimes you just want (close to) instant gratification. Instant gratification for a bead weaver is any project we can accomplish in a weekend...am I right? This past weekend, I stitched up 2 fanciful rings. The first is a circle motif, woven with toho seed beads, czech fire-polished beads, and genuine swarovski crystals.

The second (and admittedly my favorite of the 2) is a vintage inspired square ring with 2 layers. The bottom layer is all cube toho beads, and the above layer is toho rounds, criss crossed over the square to give the ring texture.


Bridget said...

Those are beautiful!

BlogNow101 said...

wow! very gorgeous rings!