Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching up on things...

It's been over a week since I posted anything that I've been working on. In part, this is due to not being able to get the quality of pictures I desire.

Hopefully soon I'll have some fresh shots of all my etsy shop items though. I've contacted a friend, Brody, over at Polarity Photo. Brody takes some amazing shots. His passion is..um...legally being escorted into abandoned buildings and capturing the decay of the untouched.
Here are a few prime examples of what he sees through his lens:

That's just a taste. Definately check out his site for more amazing photography.

Now...onto the jewelry.
This ring and earring set was the absolute biggest pain in the butt to photograph. After many attemps, I settled a little bit on the picture. I'm excited to show them and I just couldn't wait any longer.
I've done rings and earrings of this style before, but I do have to say these are my favorite. Red and black together are just such powerful colors. This was woven with matte black delicas and checkerboard swarovski crystals. Again, I was going for a vintage/flapper style, and I think I captured that quite nicely.

This next bracelet is something I made as a gift for a friend who shall remain nameless. I don't think she's a blog reader, but better safe than sorry!
It was woven with toho seed beads, and overlayed with purple swarovski pearls.

These next bracelets are purely fun. I have had this stash of plastic pony beads for the longest time. Pony beads, meet stretchy cord. =)


Anna said...

The pony beads is where I started with my girls 11 years ago! I've also done one like your bead and pearl bracelet. But those earrings and the ring...gorgeous!!!

Anna said...

Oh, yeah! I love those photos, too! He's got a great eye!

rkdsign88 said...

Beautiful works, thanks for sharing with us.

Waterrose said...

Oh that first picture is incredible! Your new pieces are lovely...too bad I don't have pony beads anymore..

Marlaine said...

Love the earring and ring set. I'm working on a red and black necklace and pendant. I'm with you on those colours!